Filing Package(s)

Rate Filing Guideline (RFG) Options and applicable Filing Packages

For applicable RFG options based on vehicle class complete the drop down lists below:

For applicable RFG options based on company, continue completing the drop down lists below:

Please click on a title to expand the package. To download a file from the package right-click on the file and select "Save target as".

The filing package to submit would be one of the following:

RFG - 1 Major Rate Filing

RFG - 2 IAO Rate Filing

RFG - 3 Rate Group Update Filing

RFG - 4 Rating Rule Filing

RFG - 5 Endorsement Filing

RFG - 6 Underwriting Rule Filing

RFG - 7 Simplified Rate Filing

RFG - 8 Minor Rate Filing

The information contained above is for general information purposes only. While we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, the Record of Filing emailed to each company in Jan/Feb of each year is the true and accurate record for determining the types of filings allowed and the filing deadlines. If you do not have the Record of Filing for your company, please contact us to obtain a copy.