The New Brunswick government introduced an eleven territory statistical rating system effective 2008. The revised territories were created based on relevant factors such as traffic patterns and vehicle density, terrain, road conditions, speed limits, crime rates and weather conditions.

The territories are divided based on Forward Sorting Area (FSA) codes, which are the first three characters of a postal code. A list of FSAs by territory is available here.

Based on General Insurance Statistical Agency (GISA) 2018 NB private passenger automobile data, the map below illustrates how vehicle exposures are distributed throughout the eleven statistical territories within the province. The four territories in northern New Brunswick (1-4) represent 30% of vehicle exposures. The seven territories (5-11) within southern New Brunswick represent 70% of vehicle exposures.

Territory 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
2018 Written Vehicles Distribution 5.4%9.6%8.6%6.6%7.7%9.0%7.8%9.6%7.1%12.0%16.6%